Tendring Youth Assembly

The Tendring Youth Assembly (TYA) has been set up to give the young people from the Tendring area the opportunity to have a voice in their community.

The TYA is supported by Tendring district council and run by Essex County council staff and meets on the second Monday of every month at Weeley district office.

As well as this we will be having weekly meetings at Clacton from now until Christmas to organise a production the TYA have integral role in the funding of local youth groups by Youth Stategy Group (YSG). The TYA is open to 13 to 19 yr olds and 25yrs (SEN)

We have at present for the Tendring Youth Assembly, approximately 26 Y/P from all over the area, all of whom will be meeting up for the first time as a complete group on Monday 16th September at Clacton youth centre. Some of the issues that they have discussed highlighting are Knife crime , Teen parents, drugs and poverty

To showcase their concerns we have come up with a Christmas production inviting community members ie: pensioners .Y/P councillors. police etc. We are hoping that the process will be filmed from beginning to end (budget permitting). This will also give us the opportunity to recruit more members to the TYA.

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