Inclusion Ventures

Drop in session and project work with young people identified as involved in ASB and criminality specifically on the Percy king estate and in west Clacton. Engage approximately 200 young people.


Inclusion Ventures was set up as a response to concerns about vulnerable young people on the Percy King Estate. At that time the estate was very run down and incidence of youth crime was unusually high. Outreach work led to a realisation that young people were involved in anti-social behaviour, and specifically criminal damage of the community centre, as a result of feeling excluded.

We opened the doors of our drop-in session and welcomed in the first of many young people to engage in our project.

Some of our young people experience discrimination, and exclusion as a result of poor reputations due to past behaviours, family notoriety or simply because of the location in which they live. Discouraged from taking control of their lives, and exacerbated if family life is strained and education a struggle, these young people often spiral into a negative pattern of behaviour with little hope or aspiration. If they feel undervalued it is often difficult for young people to feel empathy for others which can lead to crime. In opening the drop-ins we gave the young people something to belong to, and take ownership of.

We offer young people a specialised staff team that understand the underlying issues that lead young people to challenge. With respect and genuine understanding, and after building trust, we gradually encourage them to understand the responsibility that goes hand in hand with their rights.

We include young people in decision making and have a commitment to community based solutions. Young people are provided with safe facilities and interesting activities that they can take a pride in. Our organisation provides opportunities for personal and accredited development to support their education, health and encouragement to become responsible members of their community and society.

Our sound relationships with other local organisations enable us to liaise and provide a broad range of support.

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable young people from the most disadvantaged areas of West Clacton, supporting them to discover individual prospective beyond their current expectations and to achieve a positive future that fulfils their potential.

TEL: 01255 476947

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